Grupii Introduces a Collective Visual Experience Creating a Historical Timeline through Pictures

Miami StartupBus Participants Launch a Photo Aggregation Application in Just 48 Hours

03.09.2011– Four Startup Buspreneurs from Miami, FL have combined forces to create collaborative history through the power of Twitter, mobile, and a little bit of creative zest. The team is working on a brand new company called Grupii to create an unprecedented system of photo archiving using hashtags. This web application works to aggregate photos that users are taking with their mobile devices and uploading to Twitpic. Twitpic is one of the most popular photo sharing platforms for Twitter users, and its API allows the Grupii developers to pull photos directly from a user’s account and into a database that then spits out a dynamic photostream in real-time to Grupii’s users. 

Grupii’s founders, Jeffrey Gonzalez, Nelson Melo, Michele Lorito-Chase, and Jess Ostroff, have been working tirelessly on the ideas behind the startup since Tuesday afternoon. Its development is quickly evolving into a simple, yet effective platform for users to experience an event through photo all in one place. By not changing the traditional user’s behavior, Grupii fills the void that other photo sharing sites like Flickr, Google images, Picasa, Yfrog, and Twitpic all share. Rather than having to search multiple websites for documentation of a conference, festival, wedding, concert, business, person or anything else that is being shared across the internet, users can use Grupii as a platform for viewing photos from anyone and everyone who has used the hashtag assigned to that person, place, or thing. Then, using a curation method similar to Wikipedia, users will be able to see which photos were the most popular, relevant, or useful. This provides a 360-degree experience of what has happened through photos and their captions for viewers, whether they contributed their photos, or were just interested in viewing from their home, work, or mobile device. 

The uprising in Egypt was an inspiration for Grupii’s founders, as they realized the power of the web as a mode of expression and documentation. The main concept behind Grupii is that things that happen in the world should be shared and aggregated, rather than being portrayed from a small group of individuals or entity’s perspective. In this way, people who are looking back at world events 20, 30, and even 100 years from now will have a deep, unbiased understanding of what occurred, from the perspective of people who experienced that event. 

The team is competing against Buspreneurs from across the country to win the support of venture capitalists, judges, and the general population to conceive and launch a startup company in about 48 hours while riding on a bus to Austin, TX for the South by Southwest interactive conference. Grupii hopes to gain the support of various companies and events around the world as the number one application for posting and sharing photos. To learn more about Grupii or to support their venture on the StartupBus, please visit their site, follow them on Twitter, read their blog, and support them through the StartupBus Stock Market Game.